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2013(* denotes Pro Race)
Lake McBride Duathlon- May 19th  Solon, IA- 1st Overall 
Holiday Lake Sprint Triathlon- June 8th  Brooklyn, IA- 1st Overall
Accel Olympic Triathlon- June 9th   Waterloo, IA- 1st Overall
Iowa City Duathlon- June 15th  Iowa City, IA- 1st Overall
Copper Creek Triathlon- June 23rd  Pleasant Hill, IA- RACE CANCELLED
Crossroads Triathlon- August 3rd  DeWitt, IA- 1st Overall
Dam Duathlon- August 4th  Coralville, IA-  1st Overall (Scheels Series Winner)
Pigman Longcourse 1/2 IM- August 18th  Palo, IA-  5th Overall
Beach 2 Battleship Full IM- October 26th  Wilmington, NC- 1st Overall

2012(* denotes Pro Race)
Sullivan Sprint Triathlon- April 22nd   1st Overall   50:48  (215 Athletes) Fastest bike split
Bluff Creek Olympic Distance Triathlon- May 20th, Boone, IA  1st Overall  2:08:39 (138 Athletes) Fastest Bike Split
Pigman Sprint Triathlon- June 3rd, Palo, IA  2nd Overall  1:04:28  (628 Athletes)
*Ironman Kansas 70.3- June 10th, Lawrence, IK  17th Overall- 13th Pro 4:21:50  (1,506 Athletes)
Quad Cities Triathlon- June 16th, Davenport, IA  1st Overall- 1:04:07  (583 Athletes)
*Ironman Steelhead 70.3- August 19th, Benton Harbor, MI- 13th Pro 4:16:37 (1,499 Athletes)
*Rev 3 Cedar Point Full Distance- September 9th, Sandusky, OH- 15th Pro  9:17:16

2011 (* denotes Pro Race)
*Ironman Arizona- 39th Overall (32nd of 55 Pros) 9:05:19  2,565 Athletes
*Ironman Wisconsin- 32nd Overall (11th of 19 Pros) 10:06:53   2,449 Athletes
Du-State-Duathlon- 1st Overall (Course Record) 55:53   128 Athletes (Fastest Run/Bike/Run)
*Ironman Steelhead 70.3-14th Overall (14th of 28 Pros) 3:28:10 (Swim Cancelled) 1,729 Athletes
Crossroads Triathlon- 1st Overall   1:00:20   159 Athletes (Fastest Swim, Bike, and Run Splits)
*Ironman Racine 70.3- 6th Overall (6th of 18 Pros)  4:07:45   2,150 Athletes
Davenport Duathlon- 1st Overall  1:02:15    45 Athletes  (Fastest Bike Split)
Quad Cities Triathlon- 2nd Place Overall  1:04:41   621 Athletes (Fastest Bike Split)
Pigman Sprint Triathlon- 6th Overall   1:04:38   648 Athletes
Summer Daze Triathlon- 1st Overall   1:07:34   75 Athletes (Fastest Swim, Bike, Run Splits)
*San Juan 70.3- 19th Overall (18th of 24 Pros)  4:17:25   1,099 Athletes

**Season cut short due to achilles tendon surgery on April 27th**
Sullivan Sprint Triathlon- 1st Overall   58:51   267 Athletes  (Fastest Bike Split)
Tri Melon Tri- 1st Overall   44:06   90 Athletes (Fastest Bike/Run Splits)

Longhorn Ironman 70.3- 18th Overall   (1st Amateur)  4:09:24   2,500 Athletes
IowaMan Triathlon- 1st Overall   1:01:14  (Course Record)  104 Athletes
Chicago Triathlon- 6th Overall  1:59:24   5,000+ Athletes
Du State Duathlon- 1st Overall  57:57  131 Athletes
Crossroads Triathlon- 1st Overall   1:02:07   214 Athletes (Fastest Bike and Run Splits)
Spirit of Racine 1/2 Ironman- 2nd Overall (1st Amateur)  4:00:58   1,202 Athletes
Lifetime Fitness Triathlon- 12th Overall  2:02:28   1,202 Athletes
Hy-Vee Triathlon- 20th Overall  2:04:37   1,404 Athletes
Quad Cities Triathlon- 3rd Overall   1:04:47   469 Athletes
Pigman Sprint Triathlon- 11th Overall   1:04:53  674 Athletes
Swing into Spring Duathlon- 1st Overall  45:58   100 Athletes (Fastest Run/Bike/Run Splits)
Galena Triathlon- 1st Overall   1:26:51   800 Athletes (Fastest Bike Split)

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