Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 7 Summary...iHope Corporate update

Week 7 was a great week of training for me.  For starters I returned to the water for the first time since Ironman in late September.  I'm really focusing on stroke development early.  I've been watching a lot of swim video and trying to make little changes to my stroke to become more efficient.  I've abandoned all the "swim toys" I've used in the past like fins, pull buoy, and kick board.  I'm doing a lot more kicking on my side and working on rotation and experimenting with head positioning to alleviate my major problem of sinking legs which create lots of drag while I swim.  I swam 4,000 yards in my 2 swims Friday and Saturday. 

For the week I biked 235 miles with almost 12 hours on the saddle.  I've spent a lot of time on the bike in the first 7 weeks averaging almost 10 hours each week on the saddle.  I put in 2 hard interval sessions.  The first was 3x10 minutes hard and after each 10 minute hard period I jumped on the treadmill for a fast mile run.  My wattage levels for the 10 minute periods were 262, 267, and 282.  The mile times were 5:39, 5:33, and 5:27.  I did this workout Tuesday.  Thursday was my other hard interval session.  I did 4x4 minutes hard following each with 4 minutes easy.  I like to build to 5x5.  I've been 5x3 for the first 6 weeks.  On the 4x4 I averaged 283, 283, 294, and 304 watts.  I'm not close to mid-season form but it's trending in the right direction. 

For the week I ran my highest mileage at 50 miles.  My long run Sunday was 13 which is my longest of the year.  In 4 weeks I will begin a 6 week block of Ironman prep training to get ready for my June 28 race in Atlantic City.  I'd like the long run to be at 18 for the start of that 6 week block.  I'll also ride 100-120 4 or 5 times during that 6 week block.  I have yet to ride outside.  All of my nearly 70 hours spent on the bike thus far has been on the trainer.  Most of my riding is after the kids are sleeping.  I ran 3 miles tempo with Jen at the Easter Egg Scramble Saturday morning.  We averaged around 5:50/mile.  It felt easy.  This week I'm going to run 5 miles at tempo pace. 

I'm thrilled by the amount of support the iHope Foundation has received thus far from local businesses.  We have already have secured 3 businesses at the Platinum level of support ($1,000.00 or more), and another 2 at gold level ($500.00-$999.00), 4 at Silver level ($250.00-$499.00), and a total of 10 businesses total that have contributed.  To date the iHope Foundation has provided 9 students with an iPad and a $1,000.00 college scholarship.  The students must be low-income students that possess outstanding character and work traits.  To make a tax deductible contribution to the iHope Foundation you can click the link at the top of this page.  The iHope Foundation has raised over $40,000.00 to date thanks to the support of individual and corporate support as well as all the prize money I win racing.  I'm motivated by making a difference in our community!  Thanks so much to the 2015 businesses that have contributed to this cause.  My goal is 20 corporate supporters and we are half way there!  DREAM BIG!!






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