Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 14 summary...trying to earn a "+"

Week 14 may have been my best week of training yet this year.  I had good volumes and good workouts.  For the week I biked 171 miles, ran 55 miles, and swam a 2014 high of 9,500 yards.  Today was my first open water swim and although the lake was pretty cold (60-62) degrees it felt really nice after about 5 minutes in my Xterra Vendetta full sleeve suit.  I was a bit scared when I arrived at the lake and saw what I thought was a large log floating in the water.  As I watched it moving rather quickly it suddenly disappeared.  I began to worry this wasn't a log.  About 10 seconds later I saw the "large log" reappear and realized it was some kind of creature.  I almost turned around and left but optimistically convinced myself it would be just as afraid of me churning up water as I would be of it...although I'm not sure that would be the case if I came face to face with whatever was out there.  I have to admit I sighted more than I usually do in this 45 minute open water swim.  The wind was blowing 25 mph giving the lake some nice chop.  I enjoy swimming in that.  It's almost like practicing in my own wave pool and I think it helps when I get to a race where the water isn't calm.

I had some good interval workouts on the bike and even running despite some lingering deep tissue soreness from last week's race.  Saturday I ran a 5k for a workout that Jay Whitmore had told me and my wife about.  He thought there was a chance I could earn $200.00 for the iHope Foundation if I could win and I was able to do that without digging to deep.  I was still able to get my longest ride of the year afterwards hitting the roads of Scott County for 72 miles.  Sunday I ran 14 miles which was my 2nd time at that distance this year.  My legs handled it better than the first time which is a good sign.  I have had a lingering infection that has drained me a bit but mostly keeps me up coughing late at night which has hindered my sleep.  I saw the doctor today for some stuff that will hopefully help me put the infection behind me.

The highlight of the week was not in the workouts.  What made this week the best of the year was being able to put 7 "+" marks in my workout next to each day.  You see, I began keeping track of days I eat 100% clean with no junk food a few years ago by adding a "+" or a "-" in my workout log next to the day.  This year has been a struggle.  My weight is higher because of my lack of discipline with eating right.  I am not someone who is blessed with the ability to eat crap without gaining weight.  The old line about drinking a milk shake and having my butt jiggle for a week is true for me.  I'm also pretty addicted to sugar so there is no such thing as having 1 cookie for me.  It's 0 or it's 7 or more.  No joke.  Same thing with about every other kind of junk food.  My longest streak of "+" marks in my workout log through 13 weeks was 3 days.  I am now on a streak of 9 days and it is showing in my weight.  Last Monday morning my weight was 167 which means that was probably my race weight last weekend.  Today I was 163.8.  Looking back through my workout logs I tend to add about 2 seconds/mile per additional pound of body weight regardless of race distance.  When I weighed 150 two years ago I was doing workouts that put me in shape to run a 5k in 15:40.  My 1/2 marathon that year was 1:13:10 and I weighed 150.  Right now I'd be about 1:18 and that formula holds true with my current weight.  That motivates me because I know I'll be disappointed in my results if I allow my weight to hinder my progress this season.  I'm running out of time so the "now or never" for 2014 is in full swing.  It's much easier when I have a streak going.  Yesterday I was at a graduation party with cake, chips, candy...etc.  I didn't even get the shakes when I turned it down.  I'm looking forward to adding 7 more "+" marks this week and seeing if I can knock a couple more pounds off that weight...2 lbs. would be about 12 more seconds off that 5k time...thanks for reading.  DREAM BIG!

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