Monday, May 26, 2014

It's about to get real.

Memorial Day marks the month of May coming to a close.  Next up is June and oh boy is June a busy one for me.  This week was the end of 15 weeks since I began training for 2014 back in February.  It was an awesome one.  My streak of "+" marks continues on and I stepped on the scale today for my weekly weigh in and I was down another 3 lbs. to 160.  In the 2 weeks since my initial race that served as a good wake up call I've gone from 167 down to 160.  I have not eaten any junk and that's really all it takes for me although it is easier said that done.  Nearly every day I'm confronted with junk food and being a sugar addict if I give in a little look out!  For the week I biked 214 miles on 5 rides, ran 40 miles in 3 runs, and swam 4 times for 10,600 yards.  Every swim I did was in the lake and I'm still amazed how quickly I become a better swimmer when I'm out there versus the pool.  I also attended my strength class at Barre563 twice.

It's about to get real.  In the month of June I am racing 5 times and none of those are on the first weekend.  I am racing June 7, 8, 14, 22, and 29th.  The 29th was one I just added this week on a whim...just an Ironman distance race out in Atlantic City, NJ.  I'd considered this at one time but thought better in April when I was not rounding into shape to start a big training block I would have liked to get to make this an "A" race.  Now that I'm starting to feel really strong and am committed to these other races I thought why not just go see where I'm at.  I won't focus my training around the race.  It isn't a peak race...but it is one I'm really excited to test myself in.  I did not do a pro race last year.  This race in Atlantic City is put on by a European company that is bringing 3 races to the United States.  It is called "Challenge".  They are HUGE in Europe.  The world record Ironman distance time happened at "Challenge Roth" where if you don't break 8 hours you stand no chance of the podium.  I already signed up for a 1/2 Ironman distance race they are putting on in Ohio in late July.  That will be a race I taper for.

A few nights ago I started looking at Challenge Atlantic City and I got hooked on the idea.  I was lying in bed and the more I thought about it the more excited I got.  I got out of bed and looked at airfare and that made my decision.  I got great airfare out of Chicago and a good price on a rental car.  The course is smoking fast with only 700 feet total elevation gain on the bike and less than 300 feet on the run.  To put that in perspective if I rode to McCausland and back for 30 miles my elevation gain would be over 1200 feet...and that is only 30 miles.  The swim will be in a wetsuit which is something that is a plus for me.  The flat run course is to my strength as I do well when I can get into a rhythm.  My goal will be to place top 10 which is what they pay to and I badly would like to earn an award in a pro race before I'm done racing professionally.  In 2011 I missed by 1 place at Racine 70.3.  Regardless I'll be thrilled if I can break 9 hours which is another goal I'd like to cross off my list of goals.  I feel I can do it with the base of training I have put in despite not having a lot of really long rides or runs.  This weekend I bumped up my long ride to 102 miles on Saturday and then Sunday bumped my long run from 14 to 20.  I actually felt awesome on the run despite it being warm and sunny.  My last 5 miles were my fastest 5.  I won't get many more chances to ride or run long from now until the race.  I plan to race, recover, and repeat through June.  I hope to continue leaning down so I can be mid 150's at the most for the Ironman distance race.  The first 4 races in June are a great opportunity for me to earn some money for the iHope Foundation and I'm still planning to race Ironman Chattanooga in late September when I won't have so many races under my belt.  I'd like to earn $1,000.00 for the iHope Foundation through racing this month.  If you'd like to help with the iHope Foundation you can click here to make a tax deductible contribution.

One last reminder, next Saturday morning at 8:30 AM I will be putting on a free triathlon transition clinic hosted by Healthy Habits.  We've got some great samples of GU Energy to give out to those who attend along with some things to give away through a drawing.  Thanks for reading.  DREAM BIG!


Ramon Valdez said...

Good luck in Challenge Atlantic City. Talk about a test of fitness. I just want to let you know that you've inspire me to keep working hard. I'm an age group duathlete who walks around 163. I'm 5'11. I've always thought that was too big in comparison with top level age groupers and pros. But seeing how good you are at a weight not that far off from mine gives me hope to keep working hard. Good luck

Jeff Paul said...

Thanks Ramon! Way to work! Appreciate you following and glad I can help!