Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wrapping up the pre-season...Week 13

Week 13 was my final week of preparation for my first race this year.  Next weekend I'll be racing a duathlon that has a 2 mile run, 15 mile bike, and 5k run.  I'm excited to dust off my Zipp race wheels, test my fitness, and let loose on the bike for the first time this year.  This has been my shortest pre-season yet at only 13 weeks.  While last year I was entering my first races in tip-top shape this year I realize I am not but that is the way I wanted things to go this year.  My fitness is good but I'm not at a weight I want to be for peak races.  Week 13 was a really great one for me.  I ran 50 miles on 6 days of running, biked 180 miles on only 4 days of riding, and swam over 10,000 yards for the first time in 4 weeks with just 3 swims.  My swimming is by far the furthest behind but I knew with family life growing more busy as the kids are getting involved in activities of their own I wanted to wait until summer to start swimming a lot.  I have found in the past I can put in 3-4 weeks of heavy swim yardage (by my swim yardage standards 15,000-20,000 yards a week) and get very close to my best swim shape.  That will come when school is out.  I have begun to add more quality especially on the bike where 95% of my bike volume the first 12 weeks was just easy riding.  In my 4 rides this week I had hill intervals, a group ride that was very high effort and a lot of fun, and 10 minute repeat interval periods at sprint race effort where I ran 1.5 miles tempo after each, and a 73 mile long ride on Saturday battling 25+mph winds.  Saturday's ride was challenging just because of the winds and I was pleased to have Cassidy Moulton on it with me or I doubt I would have gone 73.  There were times I thought the wind gusts were going to blow me into the ditch.  Of my 6 days running I had one hard interval workout, 1 run where I ran 3x 1.5 miles tempo each after a 10 minute hard bike effort.  I averaged 5:55/5:46, and 5:31 mile pace for each 1.5 mile period and it never felt difficult.  Sunday I ran 13.5 miles which was my long for the year.  I still lifted weights twice and did all my other things like lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, jump rope, wall balls, and core work.  I even ate much more nutritiously.  I need to make that and sleep my biggest priorities from a training aspect now that I am entering race season. 

If you are looking for a chance to learn about triathlon transition mark your calendar for 8:30 AM on Saturday, May 25th at Healthy Habits bike shop in Bettendorf, IA.  I will be hosting a free clinic at the shop that morning.  I've done this 3 times in the past and have really enjoyed it.  Whether you are new to the sport or a veteran my hope is that you will leave with some new ideas for how to speed your way through T1 and T2 quicker than before.  The format is always pretty informal.  I have a list of topics I go over on how I approach transitions and a few other things about racing but I always welcome others to share their own ideas as well.  We will have samples of GU Energy products on hand for all clinic attendees as well as some givaways of triathlon gear.  The giveaways will be drawn from names of people who attend the clinic.  You will also be able to ask questions on anything you want to know triathlon related. 

This week was had our 8th local business sponsor my racing by making an iHope contribution.  Online Freight Services and local owner Kevin Wolfe along with his wife Monica made a VERY generous contribution.  Online Freight Services is a leading freight logistics provider specializing in moving freight across the country and around the world. Kevin is also extremely involved in giving back to the Make-a-Wish Foundation by organizing a local Walk for Wishes in Davenport with all proceeds benefiting the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  I feel very blessed by the support this foundation has received in the early stages.  We have been able to award 2 iHope gifts this year to AMAZING low-income students who display tremendous character and work ethic traits.  Our "Dream Big" goal is to endow this foundation so kids for eternity will be able to benefit from the foundation.  To make a tax deductible contribution click here.  Next week I'll post a race report from the season opener.  I can't wait!  DREAM BIG!

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