Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 7 Training...More Support for iHope

Week 7 was a designed recovery week after 2 big weeks in a row.  I did not quite get as much volume as planned due to some things that popped up but I'm not dwelling since the goal of the week was to get rested a bit and allow my body to adapt to a couple really good weeks of training.  I got called from school to pick Owen up sick on Wednesday.  Thursday I stayed home with him all day and found out he had strep throat.  I worked a track meet at our high school on Thursday night and my typical training routine was not in place.  Friday morning my throat was on fire so I knew I probably had gotten strep from Owen so I called the doctor and started a prescription right away.  The highlight of the week was the Easter Egg Scramble 5k on Saturday morning.  This was the first year of the event and thanks to great race organization and sponsorship from Wal-Mart there was a pretty nice cash prize purse for a local 5k.  The top 3 overall would win $1,000.00, $750.00, and $500.00 respectively.  They also had prize money for age groups based every 10 years with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd getting $100.00, $75.00, and $50.00.  I was hoping to get some money for my age group to donate to iHope.  Every little bit makes a difference to a small foundation like we have created.  Due to the lack of training and being out of my normal eating habits I was not feeling fit on race day.  I contemplated just running with Jen to try to help her to a high overall finish in the female race.  There were a few really good females from out of town.  Just before the race I told her I would run the 1st mile with her and than see how things were going and maybe race the rest.  When the gun sounded we took off and it felt really slow.  The course started up a long hill over the first 1/2 mile or so.  Half way up the hill it felt too easy and I decided to start racing at that point.  I had no idea what my pace was but I moved up quickly through the race and got myself into about 10th overall where I would stay for the remainder.  I ended up earning $75.00 for iHope which I was proud of.  My 5k time was 16:48 which I was thrilled about.  Feeling how I did before the race I thought it would take a miracle to break 17:00 over the course with a big hill in it.  The highlight however was Jen finishing in 17:39 to take 2nd in the women's race to pick up a nice $750.00 check which she promptly donated to her sister's wedding fund.  It's been awesome seeing how much her road racing money has helped put this wedding together. 
The other highlights for the week for me were hearing from a couple outstanding local businesses who contributed to iHope.  Happy Joe's donated a really nice gift basket including 12 free pizzas and we auctioned it off at school and it brought in $200.00 for iHope.  Then over the weekend we received a really nice contribution from Russell Construction.  Russell Construction has been a HUGE provider for so many non-profits in the Quad Cities including the birth of Live Uncommon.  Both Happy Joe's and Russell Construction are active in giving back to the QC through volunteering and financial contributions.  I no they are both active in Junior Achievement in our school systems.  It has been amazing getting support from the community for iHope.  You can make a tax deductible contribution by clicking here
Anything and everything will help us to provide resources to low-income students who display outstanding character and work ethic traits.  We are going to provide and iHope gift this year thanks to all the amazing support iHope has received!  This week is going to be a big week of training.  I'm super excited to announce that both Jen and I signed up for Beach 2 Battleship full Ironman distance race on October 26th in North Carolina.  Jen has always said she wanted to try an Ironman distance race when she watches mine and she decided since her running season will be over she will take her chances in North Carolina with me.  I'm thrilled to be racing this event because this race gives back to the local YMCA in Wilmington, North Carolina.  They also don't charge near as much as an Ironman branded event.  They were very welcoming and I couldn't have asked for a better event to complete my 2013 season.  It will be awesome seeing Jen out on the course as well!  The website for Beach 2 Battleship is  If you are looking for an Ironman distance race in 2013 check it out.  It has been rated by Triathlete Magazine as one of the top 5 Ironman distance races in the world!  The weather is starting to turn and my bike is tuned up and ready to go fresh out of the shop at Healthy Habits so I'm excited to spend some time away from the trainer on real roads.  Week 8 will be a good one.  Thanks for reading!  DREAM BIG!!

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