Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Make A Wish Walk For Wishes

Following the Rev3 Full Iron distance race on September 9th I took 1 week off of training.  It was a great week of rest and recovery.  I felt decent after the race except for my left piriformus which was so tight I couldn't straighten my left leg out.  Walking was painful on Monday.  On Tuesday I made a visit to Kaminski Pain and Performance Care and Dr. Lake worked her magic and by Wednesday I was walking normally with more range of motion than I could have expected 3 days post IM.  By the weekend I felt 100% and I started workout out again on Monday.  I'm more motivated for training than I've been all year.  I realized in Ohio that a sub-9 hour Ironman is 100% possible in Arizona if we get a decent day of weather.  I need to put in the work to make this happen and I'm excited about putting that work in.  It is a goal I wake up every day thinking about and one I think about often throughout the day.  This is a far cry from a month ago when I wasn't sure I even wanted to train any more this year. 
The title of this post is about an event I am helping promote and volunteering at next month on October 13th in Davenport, Iowa.  It is the Make A Wish Walk/Run for Wishes which is actually a 5k run/walk or a 1 mile family walk to raise money for the local chapter of Make A Wish Foundation.  If you are unfamiliar with the Make A Wish Foundation it is an incredible organization that works to help grant wishes for children who have life-threatening illnesses.  Children who are faced with these extremely difficult illnesses/conditions are given the chance to make a wish that will brighten their lives and give them something to remember forever.  Some children wish to go to Disney World with their family.  The trip is organized and paid for through the Make A Wish foundation.  I have a student in my class whose brother had cancer at a young age and he wished for a trip to Disney World and the family was granted that wish.  I know a young man who was in my brother's graduating class that was born with a severe heart condition and not expected to live long.  His wish was to meet Michael Jordan and the wish was granted through Make A Wish.  He met Michael Jordan for dinner and it was something he talked about until he passed away much later than expected a few years back around the age of 24.  180 wishes were granted in Iowa in 2011.  All the proceeds from this event go to Make A Wish.  You can actually sign up and do the event for free but they are hoping people will choose to at least pay for a shirt which will cost $25.00 with the profits going to Make A Wish.  Last year my family attended the event and did the 1 mile walk together.  It was a great time.  They have lots of activities for kids to do at the finish and there is a park halfway through the walk that our kids stopped and played at.  The event starts and finishes at Modern Woodman Park in Davenport and it takes place on Saturday, October 13th.  The 5k begins at 10:00 am with the 1 mile following at 10:30.  You can sign up online by clicking HERE or you can sign up the morning of the event between 8:30 and the start of the race/walk.  There are lots of options for supporting this cause.  If you want to create a team or have a business that enters as a team you can select that option.  If you want to sign up as an individual or family you can do that as well.  If you would like to just donate towards a team that is already signed up you could do that as well.  Last year this event was attended by about only 50 people.  This year the goal was set at 200 by new race director and friend Kevin Wolfe.  They already have 100 signed up and are well on the way to achieving the goal.  If you'd like more information contact me and if I can't answer I will get you Kevin's contact information.  This is an event where our community has a chance to make a real difference to people.  It's much like the Run for Renewal that saw participation numbers triple last April.  I hope you will consider to mark this event on your calendar whether you are running to set a 5k PR or just running or walking as a family to support the great cause.  My family will be there and we'd love to have you with us.  Thanks for reading!! DREAM BIG!

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