Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Training Update, Congrats to Adam Bohach!

Sorry for the delay with this week's post.  Getting back to school this week left me extra busy.  It's been good getting back to my school year training routine.  I'm getting more excited about racing every week.  I originally was planning not to race until Branson 70.3 on September 23rd but after some thinking I decided I want to race a 70.3 in Benton Harbor, Michigan this weekend.  The race is on Sunday.  I loved the course last year and raced well in the race that had the swim eliminated due to bad weather.  This year the weather looks to be ideal for racing with cool cloudy conditions and not much wind on the radar.  I'm hoping the weather forecasters are correct with this one.  I've been feeling really strong on the bike lately.  My biggest frustration through the summer was in my biking.  For the first time in the past four years I was riding weaker than previous years.  Since my week off I've begun to feel extremely strong on the bike.  I've been doing a lot of interval work and I'm getting a long ride in each week.  This past Sunday I rode 115 miles.  That was my longest ride of the year and it felt great.  I was thankful to have Cassidy Moulton, Jessica Imm, Matt Davison, and Joe Mueller along for most of the ride.  It really helps the time go by quickly with other people along for it.  I have put in over 1,000 miles riding in the past 4 weeks.  Yesterday I did a hill interval workout I do quite often and I hit power numbers I haven't seen all year making me excited for the bike leg this weekend on the flat and fast course in Benton Harbor.  I'm not so sure about my swimming and running right now.  I've only swam about 10 times over the past month and run about 12 times.  I realized that although I'm not running as often every run I do is either a hard workout, tempo run, or long run.  I've really eliminated all the easy mileage I was doing before.  With school starting I'll probably increase my mileage and add back some easy runs that I can get in over my lunch/prep period.  My weight is not good right now but I'm trying not to think too much about that since I feel much stronger.  I've been much more consistent with my lifting, plyometrics, jump rope, and lunges.  All these things I feel have helped increase my strength on the bike.  For the race I'm hoping to swim around 30-31 minutes.  I don't feel the work I've been doing will allow me to swim much faster than that.  I'm hoping to ride like crazy and enjoy every minute of it coming in around 2 hrs. 10 minutes-2 hrs. 12 minutes.  For the run I'm not quite sure what to expect.  For my goal I want to run under 1 hr. 19 minutes.  That would put my total goal time at around 4 hrs. 5 minutes when you add in transition times.  I would be very satisifed if I could achieve these times given my current fitness. 
What I was most excited about last week was getting awesome race reports on the Rev3 Wisconsin Dells race.  There were 2 locals who did the 1/2 Ironman distance race in the Dells.  Brian Garrells and Jim Bernas both had awesome races.  I talked to Brian and he said Rev3 was as quality of a race as he's ever done.  He said he thought they put on a better race than the Ironman races he has done.  Two other locals I know of, Andrea Wood and Tim Janssen did the Olympic Distance race in the Dells and Tim also spoke extremely highly of the event that Rev3 put on.  He placed 2nd in his age division and took home some really sweet prizes...much better than the awards that Ironman gives to age groupers.  The highlight for me was seeing how my good friend and training buddy Adam Bohach did in the 1/2 Ironman distance race at Rev3.  Adam had hernia surgery in April that forced him to take a long break from training.  He has been back for a few months working like crazy with the Rev3 race on the schedule.  He was hoping to qualify for his pro license by placing as one of the top 3 age groupers.  He did so in a big way by winning the amateur race by 9 minutes.  His time beat 1/2 of the pro field and he finished 7th overall.  Adam got off the bike and flew through the run course with a time of 1 hr. 13 minutes that was bettered only by men's pro winner Australian Richie Cunningham.  Adam will get his pro license after he races as an amateur for the last time at the Hy-Vee Triathlon coming up in just a couple weeks.  I'm still hoping we can go to Arizona together to race in the pro division this November if my body and mind allow me to keep going that long.  I'm extremely proud of Adam for his committment and he has been such a huge help to me giving me the much needed advice on training that I often seek from him.  I certainly have missed having him around to train with since he moved.  You can read about Adam's race on his blog at  I'll try to post an update about how Steelhead goes this weekend when I return home on Sunday night.  I'm really hoping to just get into the race and enjoy competing without any pressure to perform.  I don't really have any place goals.  I want to enjoy the race, have fun, and finish without having any major breakdowns like I had in Racine.  Good luck this weekend to all the locals who are racing Pigman Longcourse in Cedar Rapids.  I'm feeling fitter every week and beginning to think about the fall races.  I love training in the fall weather, especially running in the cooler temperatures.  Thanks for reading!  DREAM BIG!!

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