Monday, March 19, 2012

It can't be this easy...Spring Break 2012

It can't be this easy...this is my reaction to counting calories for my first 11 days. I cannot believe how effective it has been and how good I have felt. I weighed in this morning at 150.4 lbs. which is the lowest I have seen on the scale in 10 years. I worked out 30 hours, 30 minutes last week on 3,000 calories and I felt awesome! How can this be? I totally imagined I would feel like crap but have found it to be just the opposite. I didn't put in any eye popping single days but every day was between 4 and 5 hours training. For the week I biked 315 miles, swam 20,200 yards, and ran 45 miles. I also lifted weights, jumped rope, and did lunges twice, performed speed drills, strides, and push-ups all three times, and did core work 10 times.
I have been eating so clean and healthy I think I'm getting more out of 3,000 calories than I used to out of 5,000. This is because I'm making the calories count. I'm loading up on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.
This past week was my spring break and what a week we had here in the midwest. We had record high temperatures in the 80's nearly all week. I got outdoors on my bike for the first time this year on Tuesday for hill repeats. Going into this workout I wasn't sure what to think of my bike fitness. I've had some great workouts on the trainer but until you get out on the roads I think you always wonder how the indoor fitness will translate outside. I had an awesome workout which was a huge motivator. I know right now my swimming is better than ever before and I'm running exceptionally well for this early in the year. Finding out my bike fitness is also high was really nice. We had our first group ride of the year on Wednesday night and it was awesome. The pace got going fast really early but I managed to hang on and stay up front sharing the workload until the end. I lose the Wednesday night group rides. I always try to make it my toughest bike workout of the week.
Saturday I did my tempo run with Jen as she raced the St. Paddy's Day 5k. The event was put on wonderfully. It is sponsored by Russell Construction and they have done such a good job investing in the race that the numbers have doubled from 2 years ago and with over 3,000 runners on Saturday they saw a new record. Jen won the women's race and the $300.00 prize that came with it. It was fun running with her. I'm excited to see what she can do with lots of good girls in the field this Sunday when we travel to Chicago for the Shamrock Shuffle. She ran 17:40 on Saturday and won by quite a bit. She continues to amaze me with her committment to running at a high level while balancing being Super Mom, and a very intense overtime-filled job at the arsenal. By the way, she still finds time to volunteer in our church nursery on the weekends. She is definitely a good example of what Live Uncommon seeks to achieve in our community and world.
I had my longest ride of the year on Thursday when I went outside with Adam Bohach for 65 miles. He is more nuts than I am putting in over 350 bike miles in 5 days. Sunday was my longest run of the year (14 miles). Monday was a great swim workout...10x200's on 3:00 and I did all of them in 2:39-2:41 until the last 2 when I finished in 2:32 asnd 2:33. I'm really excited about my swimming right now. I have invested in the swim and I'm waiting for the payout. This year I'm averaging 19,100 yards/week through 12 weeks of training. I compared this to last year's swim training. A year ago I was averaging 12,200 yards through week 12. I had done 17 swim workouts at 4,000 or more yards and 5 swim workouts at 5,000 or more yards through 12 weeks last year. This year I have done 35 swim workouts of 4,000 or more yards and 18 workouts at 5,000 or more yards. I have swam 15,000 yards or more all 12 weeks this year with 5 of those weeks exceeding 20,000 yards this year. Last year I had swam 3 weeks of 15,000 yards and only 1 at 20,000.
I don't think I would have wanted to be anywhere else in the world but Scott County over Spring Break 2012. The weather was perfect and the workouts were great. We were able to get the kids outdoors and do some fun things with them. All this hard work leaves me with a little recovery time to adapt. I had a much needed massage from Laurel Darren yesterday and that should help speed things along. Thanks for reading! DREAM BIG!


Aaron Maurer said...

You are a freaking animal! What an incredible week. You are off to an amazing start in your training this year. Rock on with your bad self!

Anonymous said...

Do you use any supplements to make sure your getting proper nutrition or do you get all your calories from food.

Jeff Paul said...

I use whey protein. Each serving is 100 calories and has 20 grams of protein. I probably supplement 4 servings each day so I get 400 of my calories and 80 grams of protein that way. Typically 1 serving with breakfast, 2 servings after my hardest workout of the day, and 1 more serving before bed. I also take a multivitamin, 2 fish oils, and just started taking calcium since my milk intake has gone down on this restricted calorie diet.