Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ironman Arizona Tracking Info

If you are bored on Sunday and want to know how my race is going this looks to be the best tracking coverage Ironman has had for a pro race yet. For the first time outside of the world championship the pro race will have athletes wearing a GPS device for real-time tracking. You can find the tracking at From that site you will click my name and then it shows you a map. From the map you will have to select the "pro" category and then check my name and any other athletes you want to see. There are a bunch of different options for what kind of map you get to see and how much you can zoom in. You can see quite a bit of information regarding speed, pace, elevation...etc. Only about 60 of the 100 pro men and women decieded to use the tracking devices so the place won't be accurate using this tracking. If you see the tracker stop moving for me hopefully it is because I went out of network coverage...the tracking network works the same as a cell phone network. From what I understand this shouldn't happen during the event. I will turn the unit on in the morning but then start wearing it after the swim. If you want to see places and such you'll have to go to They have their own tracking but it only updates when you cross over a timing mat which they place in various locations around the course. If you click on my name it will tell the most updated mat I've gone through. To watch the finish you can go to and they televise the entire race on the internet. I would guess I'll be finishing between 4:50 and 5:20 pm central time but if I have the best or worst race of my life that may not be accurate so the best way to know would be to see from the GPS site where I'm at and how far I have to go if you want to have a better idea. Thanks for will keep me going. Both Jen and I are excited for what the day will bring. DREAM BIG!!


cathy said...

Thanks for all the info Jeff. I'll be following your progress/success. Make it your BEST!!!! You are ready!

cathy said...

CONGRATULATIONS JEFF!!!!!! That doesn't seem to say enough for such an awesome accomplishment. I watched you cross the finish line and pumped my fist right along with you. You've dreamt it and now you've lived it. You truly deserve that great finish. Your hard work and dedication paid off. Again, congratulations!