Monday, June 13, 2011

Eastern Iowa Duathlon Series...Training Camp Conclusions

I was recently thrilled to hear about a new race coming to the Quad Cities as part of the Eastern Iowa Duathlon Series on Sunday, June 26th...think 8 days after QC Tri. I plan to sign up for this race and it would be great to see the race well supported by the Quad Cities multisport enthusiasts. I've been a little disappointed to see two of our local races die out over the last couple years (Swing into Spring Duathlon and Iowa Man Triathlon) so when I saw a new race was coming to town I contacted the race director Pasha Korsakov and he ensured me this race series is going to be on the Iowa calendar year in and year out. I know he is excited to see the races grow and I'm hopeful that lots of people locally will show support by signing up. The race in Davenport is a 2 mile run, 14.5 mile bike ride, and finishes with a 3 mile run. The race can be done individually or with a team. I know my wife will be there if anyone wants to ride she'll probably run for you (although I'm offering this service without asking her first...). Check out the website where you can register for the event by clicking here. Any time I get a chance to go to a race without driving more than 90 miles, staying in a hotel, or flying with my bike I'm all for it! If you are in the QC on June 26th I hope you'll consider the Davenport Duathlon so we can continue to help promote fitness and healthy living in the Quad Cities.

So I wrapped up my week long Training Camp on Sunday night and boy was I glad it was over. I detailed each day in the post below if you are interested in reading about "Camp Activities" I had for the week. The week totaled 44.5 hours training with 466 bike miles, 82 run miles, 20,100 yards swimming, three times of weight lifting, lunges, push-ups, claw drill, and jump rope, two times of plyometrics, and 10 sessions of core work. I finished the week with a ride called TOMRV (Tour of the Mississippi River Valley) which consisted of 115 miles riding for me on Saturday. The route was 106 but I got a late start since I ran the Race for the Cure with the family and I took the backroads to start the ride and also had some extra miles trying to find our hotel. Sunday's return trip was supposed to be 90 miles but I added a loop when we were riding near my hometown and it ended up being 101 miles. I was very thankful my training buddy Adam Bohach went most of the way up to Dubuque and back with me. Adam is going to roll in a marathon next weekend and didn't want to do the entire thing. If you've never done TOMRV you should consider. It's a tremendously well run event. I found out it is possible to weigh more after riding 216 miles in 2 days than you did before you started the ride. The route is very scenic and challenging. I only saw 2 people the entire weekend walking their bikes on hills and Saturday I was almost a 3rd. I couldn't believe my massage therapist Laurel Darren did both days on a big mountain bike with those big bumpy tires. I didn't see any other mountain bikes and thought that was pretty beastly! TOMRV has amazing stops along the way stocked with free food for the riders and then the dinner at Clark College ensures that you roll out of the dorm and down the hill because your tummy is so full. I hadn't seen a soft serve machine like that since my freshman year at Coe! The volunteers are amazing and the route is very challenging.

Some of the toughest parts of camp? Thursday night when I completely bonked, the heat index of 100 degrees Monday-Wednesday, dealing with the thunderstorms when I wanted to run, and Saturday's entire bike ride to Dubuque...but especially the last 30 miles when I was running the gas tank on completely nothing...searching anywhere on my bike for just 1 more GU. My favorite part of camp, besides the food on TOMRV...the bike ride home from Dubuque on Sunday was awesome...Adam and I even made some comparisons of Floyd Landis (for you with cycling knowledge) except for the drug part. What made this ride awesome is that it was a much needed reminder about how every day is a new one. When things are bad forget about them and move on. Saturday I was riding in terrible pain and was in a land of suffering. Sunday I felt strong as ever. It is a reminder that in training and racing some days are good and some are bad. Don't dwell on the bad never know how soon the next good one may come. Sunday's "comeback" was a reminder that you're never finished. I woke up thinking it was going to be a long ride home but as we got started I began to think my protein shake, GU Roctane, and good night of sleep may have been enough to get my body ready to go again.

This week brings the QC Triathlon. The event has only been won locally one time on the guys side. I've had a lot of people ask me lately if I can win. I'd sure like to...but I can only control my race. I don't know who's coming. I hope to do my best and go in the low 1 hour 3 minute range. That would be a nice time drop from 2 years ago. Win or lose I'd be very proud of that improvement. If I was trying to peak for a great performance at QC I would not have done Training Camp last week. If anyone is interested in coming out to West Lake Park to watch the race begins early at 7:00 a.m. They are running a shuttle from the church right outside the park until 6:45 so if you get there by 6:45 you'll get a ride in and out. This race is extremely well organized and it would be great to see a good crowd out to support all the athletes who have worked hard for this day. For many at this event it is the 1st one ever...and I can ensure you it won't be the last! The last picture on here is from Saturday's Race for the Cure courtesy of the QC Times. Jen made me work to catch her in the last mile...she said she was going to run 6:30's and then ran sub-6 pace. After stopping to tie both shoes I thought I wouldn't get her but with a late surge we were able to finish together as a family. I lunged with the stroller so Payton could be "1st girl" in the race. The best part was Jen put her hands up to break the tape and there was nothing to break because the stroller beat her to it. Super Mom will just have to win the next one to break the tape. This may be my new favorite picture. Thanks for reading! DREAM BIG!!


Chris Wichert said...

Impressive week Jeff, good to hear things are going well!

Bruther said...

Man I am a huge fan but just wish you would post some results at some point - I would humbly suggest considering a coach - you are genetically gifted

Kelan Moylan said...

Knowing you for a long time Jeff, I would disagree with the previous comment on being gifted and needing a coach. Your success for many years hasn't come from being genetically gifted...its come from you out-working your competition. With all that you balance in your life, your results have been remarkable...and will only continue to improve with the focus you have.