Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 18 Training Summary...New GU Product!

Week 18 was my second great week in a row training. I was at 27.5 hours of total training time. I ran 70 miles, biked 200, and swam 13,000 yards. In addition to those totals I lifted weights, did speed drills, strides, lunges, push-ups, and jumped rope all three times, plyometrics twice, and core work 12 times. I am feeling fitter than I've ever been in my life with just 13 days to go before my first professional race in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After 2 big weeks in a row I'm not quite ready to taper since I'm also 2 months away from an even bigger race...Ironman St. George. I will however back things down to about 20 hours this week before throwing in a really aggressive 6 day taper before racing on March 19th.

I had some great workouts this week that left me realizing I've never been in this kind of shape before. On Tuesday I had an awesome 40 minute tempo ride on the bike alternating 5 minute periods between 240 and 270 watts. It was easier than last week when I did the same workout. Wednesday I ran a 7 mile progressive tempo run where I get faster each mile until I run the last mile at 10k pace. My mile splits were 6:00, 5:58, 5:51, 5:48, 5:45, 5:36, and 5:23 for a total time of 40:25. It never felt tough. After a great massage on Thursday with Laurel Darren I was ready to run some really fast 300's with our high school track team on Friday. I knew they would make me a little sore for the weekend but I still managed a huge weekend of training. On Saturday I had my single biggest day of training yet this year at 7 hours 20 minutes. I had my longest bike ride yet that morning of 3 hours and then went straight to a 3 mile run in 18:21 that had me really excited about my fitness. It wasn't the time that was exciting because that isn't really that fast but it was how easy the pace felt. I think I've played games of Candy Land that were easier than the 6:07 pace off the 3 hour ride. Sunday morning I ran my longest run since 1999 when I went 20 miles with Adam Bohach in 2 hrs. 15 minutes. I'm thrilled to be able to train with someone who is so good. We are enjoying our St. George preparations together.
I recently received a new product from GU Energy...Electrolyte tablets. They are awesome. They come in a small dispenser and the tablets are super convenient to drop in a bottle of water to give it flavor but even more importantly is that the tablets will dissolve a nice mixture of carbs, potassium, and sodium that the body rapidly loses through sweat loss. These tablets will definitely be part of my Ironman arsenal of GU products to help me to a high finish. I can't thank the awesome crew at GU Energy enough for providing me with the nutrition necessary for training and racing at a high level. Jen says I'm a GU addicts as she finds gel and Chomps wrappers littered in the car. I often use the products between workouts when I need a quick burst of energy or a quick recovery. Healthy Habits, the bike shop that totally takes care of me carries a long line of GU products. When I'm in there this week I'll check to see if they have the electrolyte tablets yet.

I couldn't ask for more right now from my body. I've gone 18 weeks and transformed myself from 171 lbs. and nearly a year away from race shape into the best shape of my life. I've gambled on training at a really high level and it's paid off. I'm going into my first pro race in the exact kind of shape I had dreamed about being in. I'm super stoked to find out how much fast I am right now than a year and a half ago when I earned my pro license. Next week I'll highlight some of the transformations that have taken place physically and gear wise that lead me to believe San Juan will be the best race I've ever had. I know going into this race it will be difficult not to think about my placing with the other professionals but I intend to keep the emphasis only on the things I can control...which is my own race. That point was reminded to me this week by pro triathlete Daniel Bretscher, who I highly regard. I know the swim will be a low point for me. I've only done 3 half ironman races and the first one had a really short swim. The other two I've done I swam 29 and then 28 minutes. Those were both in wetsuits which help me considerably. San Juan will not be wetsuit legal so I'm hoping for a swim of 31 minutes or under. The bike course is pretty darn flat with not many turns so I'm hoping to put in a bike split of 2 hours 14 minutes. I know I'm in shape to run at least a 1:15 half marathon but I'm going to put 1:17 for my goal time due to the heat and difficulty of the run course. Add in transition and I'd be thrilled to go 4:05. That is cotrolling my own race and it is something I'm absolutely 100% capable of doing. I have to finish within 8% of the winner to extend my pro card another year and I intend to do that in San Juan. 8% is a big chunk of time and something that shouldn't be terribly difficult to do. If I go 4:05 I should be within 8%. With the fitness I'm in right now I don't think I'm 8% slower than anyone...but with a slow swim that may not be an accurate statement. I'm looking forward to enjoying the moment...when you're in the best shape you've ever been races tend to be really fun. The work has been's now time to execute the plan to perfection. I CAN'T WAIT!! Thanks for reading!! DREAM BIG!

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