Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Wait is Over!

In one hour the wait will finally be over! For the first time in nearly a month I'll put on the bike shorts and climb on the bike to kickoff the 2011 season with a session of "Midnight Madness". I've been excited for this ride for 2 months when I decided my start to the 2011 season would be on November 1st. This past Wednesday I hit the 6 month mark of surgery on my achilles tendon. It was so much longer than I or the surgeon ever predicted. My recent rehab with physical therapist Dan White has gone extremely well and I believe I am ready to begin training for the 2011 season. I will be at 17 workouts this week...6 runs, 5 rides, 3 swims, and 3 times weight lifting. I will also fit in all the small things like core work, plyometrics, lunges, push-ups, running drills...etc. Although I still wake up with some stiffness every morning in my tendon the progress I have made through Dan's running build-up over the past 10 weeks has me knowing I'm ready to begin this long journey. It will be a 6 month and 7 day lead-up to Ironman St. George. I am ready to flip the switch to training and healthy eating to help me get to my peak race weight. I know the importance of preparation. Although St. George feels like forever away it is important to me to use every day to get a little bit better. Some days that means I'll let my legs and lungs burn like hell. Some days that will mean to train easy so I can recover for the next hard efforts. Redeveloping the mindset that I can compete with anyone is one of my top goals for the year. That will come with the inceases in fitness that I make on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I have a quote on my workout book from Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander that states "So much of the fun in this sport is the process of getting the body in great shape." That's the truth. I love the super hero feeling of being in amazing shape. That process will begin in less than an hour. I hope you'll enjoy following the journey and that it may inspire you to believe in something you never thought was possible. I've long ago begun to dream of a podium finish in St. George. I hope you'll dream big goals for yourself and if following this blog can help I'll be thrilled.

I'm super excited to begin training knowing I have lots of great supporters who have stayed by my side with patience through the frustrations of the 2010 season. Laurel Darren, who I got another awesome massage from on Friday will help so much with my recovery. Bruce Grell, owner of Healthy Habits is still helping me take care of everything I need on the bike leg, Dr. Bob Kaminski from Kaminski Pain and Performance Care continues to be a huge believer in my abilities and provides me with ART to keep my body ready for the training volume, Kiwami Triathlon Wear who made the jersey I'm still looking forward to wearing through my 1st professional race, and of course GU Energy is simply the best at keeping me fueled for long workouts. GU has released a new flavor of Chomps...Watermelon! They are absolutely fantastic. I have to hide them from Jen and Payton because they both think they are the most delicious "fruit snacks" in the house. Lastly, but certainly most important is my family. Jen is super supportive of this journey and it wouldn't be possible without her. There are some long training days and nights that just wouldn't be possible without her having the same vision for success that I have. I love you guys and hope to inspire Payton and Owen to DREAM BIG as they watch daddy get in the best shape of his life.

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Anonymous said...

It's midnight & I am thinking about you & praying for you tonight on that midnight bike ride (I hope it's inside) and I'll continue to pray for you as you take on this huge life journey.
I love you! Mom