Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finally...a run

On Tuesday afternoon I went to Plaza Physical therapy with great anticipation for my first run since surgery on April 27th. After warming up 7 minutes on the bike to get a good sweat going I stretched out and then went outside for a couple strides. The strides did not feel good. I was definitely not ready to go 80-5% of my top speed. I came back in and got on the treadmill and they started me with some walking at an incline. They upped the speed and had me walking up 15% incline which was tough. My lack of conditioning showed as I poured sweat all over the treadmill. After 9 minutes of that my therapist lowered the incline back down and had me begin running at a whopping 10 minute/mile pace. That was easy and he quickly upped it until I was at 7 minutes per mile. I was allowed to go about a mile and it didn't hurt at all. My feelings about the first run were mixed. I was excited to be able to get my mile in but know I have a ways to go since the strides hurt. My conclusion was that I am fine to jog slow but not ready for anything fast yet. I have no swelling or pain today which is good and I'll be back at the treadmill tomorrow in hopes of going a little bit further. DREAM BIG!


TJ said...

This is positive news, Jeff! Go easy my friend...this surgery and the associated healing is a long-term investment for you and your pro career. Prayers for a continued fast recovery coming your way! Tim Jansen

Jeff Paul said...

Thanks Tim!!

LeeAnn said...

Train with me JP and I'll make you feel fast. :)
10 minute mile is not bad in my book. LOL!