Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kiwami Triathlon Wear Partnership; Week 3 Summary

I am thrilled to announce a partnership with Kiwami Triathlon Wear for the 2010 season! I knew I wanted to find a top of the line race jersey that would allow me to recognize the sponsors that have helped to make this journey what it has been. After doing my research I found the top race wear brand out there to be Kiwami. This week I learned that they also believe in my abilities and will be providing me the gear I race in and train in. I could not be more excited to have such a great company on my side. Check out their product line at They are the company that many great triathletes around the world choose to race with. Matty Reed is probably the most notable from the U.S. When I saw him racing in Chicago this year I got to see the cool design of the Kiwami product and Matty made it look really fast! It means a great deal to me that I have a company like Kiwami that believes in my abilities as I begin my first year as a professional triathlete.

This week was a little up and down training wise. On Monday I felt a slight discomfort in my left achilles tendon. This is the 4th time since beginning the journey last year that my left achilles tendon has had some issues. It wasn't anything much so I ignored it through Wednesday but then decided to shut down the running since it wasn't improving. I managed to get in 20 running miles this week but I picked up some extra biking and swimming with the cancelled run sessions. I swam 12,000 yards this week and biked 100 miles. I also lifted weights three times, did plyometrics once (skipped one session due to the achilles soreness), lunges twice, and core work 6 times. For total training time this week I managed to get in 15.5 hours. I also got some sort of sickness Friday-Sunday...H2N2 possibly?? They say that is coming and it's twice as bad as H1N1. I can feel that I'm getting stronger and I'm losing body fat. Those were two of my big training goals for the year. I'm not too worried about the achilles thing right now because my first big race isn't for 6 months but if it isn't better in a few days I'll probably see a specialist again to find out what the problem is. One of my big goals of this early training season has been to eliminate junk from my diet. I have always loved to eat tasty treats but in 3 weeks I've done pretty well. 3 times I've had junk...once a Dairy Queen sundae, once I had some M&M's at a wedding, and once I had concession stand popcorn. Other than that I've had no pop, candy, cookies, chips, ice cream, desserts, cappucino...all the places I used to add junk calories. I feel like it's helping me reduce my body fat and that makes it easier to pass on these things. I have big goals for racing and if they are going to happen I need to hit my training goals. I'm confident the results will follow if I can hit the training goals I've laid out for myself. Swimming has been good. I'm way ahead of where I was in the water at this point last year. I also did my first bike interval workouts this week...2 of them that made me want to cry but I was glad I got them in. Thanks for reading! DREAM BIG!

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Beth said...

Does your Kiwami partnership give you free stuff to hand out to ... family?
Also, are you going to be on you bike outside in the winter? How does that work?
Keep us updated!
-- Beth