Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week 1 Training Summary

The training for my 2010 triathlon season offically began at midnight last Monday "morning" with my own edition of "Midnight Madness" in which I got on the trainer for my first ride of the season. I enjoyed my 3 weeks off. I was able to get mentally and physically recovered for the year ahead. For the week I ran 35 miles, biked 75, and swam 10,000 yards. In addition to those totals I also lifted weights, did speed drills and strides all three times, plyometrics and lunges twice, and core work 6 times. My total training time for the week was 15.5 hours. I was pretty sore early in the week but by Friday I was feeling much better. I began my weekly long runs with 60 minutes on Sunday. My goal as of now is to progressively increase this time by adding 5 minutes to the run every two weeks until I get to 2 hours. If I decide to do an Ironman I will try to increase it up to about 3 hours for the long run. I plan to register for Ironman Wisconsin and Ironman Florida and then decide which of those two to compete in, if either, as the time draws closer. By turning professional and paying for my Ironman Pro Membership card I am allowed to sign up and compete in as many Ironman trademarked events as I want for no additional cost outside the one-time $750.00 fee. Since I'm allowed to sign up for as many as I wish I will sign up for any race I am even considering.
The toughest workouts this week were by far the swims on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday I went with the PV high school swim team and it was tough. I got out of the water 30 minutes early and I was already at 4,200 yards. On Thursday I went with the PV Stingrays club swim team and got in 3,700 painful yards. Our main set was 20x 75's on 1:10 with a 2 minute rest after every 5. I'm quite a bit faster than when I began training last year. I'm hoping to stay well ahead of that curve. I'll be increasing the run and swim totals a bit this week. I'm working hard at eating healthy so I can get to my goal body fat % of 9 as opposed to the 13 I was at last year. I believe getting to 9 should allow me to race quite a bit faster than last year just by carrying less dead weight. Thanks for's great to be back! DREAM BIG!

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