Sunday, November 8, 2009

Goals for 2010

I've enjoyed my first 2 weeks off of a scheduled 3 week break before I will begin preparation for my first season as a professional triathlete in 2010. I have had some time to reflect on my goals from last season and my goals for next year. I have always believed it is important to make goals known publicly. By doing this I have others who can hold me accountable for what I say. I'm a huge believer in goal setting. Through the course of the year I set weekly training goals as well as training benchmark goals I aim to hit every 3 months. My goals for 2010 are as follows...
1. Reduce my body fat % from 13% to 9%.
2. Increase my leg weights in the weight room by 20% over last year
3. Add at least 10% to my yearly bike mileage
4. Build my weekly long run to 17 miles
5. Run a 5k on the track in under 16:00 by the end of April
6. Place top half of the professional fields in the 3 70.3 races I plan to enter

I rarely set specific time goals on triathlon courses due to the weather and the difference in course from year to year. I also try to set goals that I can control. I know if I can hit the first 4 goals listed above it will put me in a great position to race well and the places and times will take care of themselves. My big hope is that I will be stronger, but leaner, therefore increasing my power/body weight ratio on the bike. I know if I'm going to be competitive at the professional level I have to either get much faster in the swim portion or be one of the top bikers in the race. I'm hoping for one of those two things to happen or a combination of both that will allow me to be a successful professional triathlete. Only 1 week to go before resuming this journey...I can't wait! Next week I will post a tentative schedule for 2010. Thanks for reading!


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