Sunday, October 11, 2009

Longhorn 70.3...2 weeks away!

This week of training was a bit of a rest week for me. After 4 solid weeks of increasing my training load I decided it would be good to back down a bit for a week. My total training time was 17.5 hours. For the week I ran 40 miles, biked 130 miles, and swam 8,400 yards. I still lifted weights 3 times, did plyometrics once, speed drills and strides 3 times, and core work 5 times. I possibly had my best bike workout ever on Thursday. This is a workout I have done 4 of the past 5 weeks. I do a 43 mile ride with 6x 10 minutes hard followed by 5 minutes recovery between each. With my Cycleops Powertap I'm able to track my wattage on the hard periods. Each time I have done this workout my watts have increased. The first 3 times I did the workout my wattage average on the hard periods was 258, 272, and 280. This week my average watts increased again to 292. I was pretty excited about the workout. I also had a very good workout on the track on Wednesday. I worked out with the Pleasant Valley high school cross country team and we did 8x 400 meters moving out a lane each one. By moving out a lane each one we were running a little bit further each time because of the extra distance added by the outside lanes. My slowest one was 77 seconds and that was in lane 2. My times were 76, 77, 75, 74, 75, 73, 74, and 70. 70 seconds in lane 8 is equivilant to about a 63 for 400 meters. It felt good to get some speed work in. I'm looking forward to the race in 2 weeks with great anticipation of being in the top 3. Thanks for following...DREAM BIG!

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