Sunday, October 18, 2009

Longhorn 70.3...1 week

Only 1 week to go until my last race of the year. This was a good week running and swimming but my bike mileage was down a bit. I ran 50 miles, swam 10,000 yards, and biked only 70 miles. I was set to bike on Sunday night only to find my trustworthy indoor trainer for the past 8 years was no longer working. That meant no ride tonight but it doesn't have me worried. Probably the best thing I had going for me this week was that I did not get sick. We've had quite the outbreak of H1N1...more commonly known as Swine Flu at our school. We had over 100 kids sick on 3 different days this week...not all from H1N1 but either way there were a lot of sick kids that I was trying to avoid while teaching. God answered my prayers by getting me through the week feeling great. I'm planning a big taper this week that should have me feeling fresh and ready to race well next Sunday. The temperaturs look good for Austin, TX as I was worried about this since the day I signed up it was 100 degrees there. It should be highs in the 70's. Mentally I'm ready to go for this race. I'm in wave 15 which starts 45 minutes after the professionals. This should make the race lots of fun since there will be lots of people on the course to pass. I'm convervatively thinking I can go 4:14 but if all goes really well I hope to be under 4:10. Being top 3 is really my goal and I'm going in with the mindset that I'm racing to win. I'll try to post something from the hotel next Sunday night to let you know how it went. Thanks to everyone for following. Lots of hard work has gone into preparation for this final race. I began training nearly 1 year ago on November 3rd and I'm ready for my best race ever this weekend. DREAM BIG!


Greyt Times said...

Good luck to you - and congrats on staying H1N1-free! I know I'm quite the anti-social butterfly as I lead into my final race. No time for swine here!

Looking forward to a race report!

Rick Lapinski said...

Good Luck! I'm sure you're going to hammer it. We had 510 out of 2700 sick on Thursday, so stay healthy!!!

Jeffrey said...

Jeff - Good luck this weekend in Austin! We'll be cheering you on from the QC. You have had an incredible year of training and competing!

Charlie Paul said...

Go get them this weekend coach, I know you'll have a great race and make all the Pauls proud!
Good luck!

Beth said...

Best of luck!