Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 9 "10 Days and 10 Nights"

This brutal camp is finally coming to a close. Tomorrow will be the last day of this madness. This has been the toughest 10 days of training I have ever done. I began day 9 of camp by riding 100 miles. I was by myself for this one. It felt about as good as a 100 mile ride can. Following some ART from Dr. Kaminski I headed to the pool for 3,500 yards. I have made some changes with my swim stroke and I'm feeling really good. I'm mostly doing easy swims with lots of technique drills in an effort to make my changes permanent. After the swim I got a good dinner and then finished camp today by running 9.5 miles followed by 4x 200 meters in 37, 36, 34, 32.
1. 100 mile bike ride
2. 3,500 yards swimming
3. 10 miles running with 4x200's on the end
4. Core work
My total training time for today was 7 hours and 40 minutes

9 Day Camp Totals: Bike- 501 miles, Run- 97.5 miles, Swim- 22,900 yards
Tomorrow is my final day of camp...taking applications for camp next entry to anyone who is interested. DREAM BIG!

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