Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 7 "10 Days and 10 Nights"

Day 7 was a bit of a recovery day. Mentally, more than physically I was pretty fried today. I just could not get myself to train as much as I wanted. I ended up doing a 6 mile run in the morning and had a great 30 mile bike workout in the evening in which I pushed the 22 hills that I rode. My average watts up all the hills was between 400 and 500 depending on the grade of the hill and how long it was.

1. 6 mile run 2. 30 mile ride pushing hills Total training time was 2 hours and 10 minutes.

7 day camp totals: Run: 75.5 miles, Bike- 350 miles, Swim- 14,400 yards

Awesome video about the "underdog"...DREAM BIG!


Luke said...

Video got me jacked for the next competition. I'll think of it right before the start. You're the man JP.

Jeff Paul said...

Thanks Luke! Good luck in the next competition!