Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 4 "10 Days and 10 Nights"

Today's camp session started with a Sprint Triathlon in De Witt, IA. It was a good race for me. I'll post a full race report tomorrow. As for the triathlon I got 6 miles of running in including a warm-up and cool down. For swimming I warmed up 500 yards and then raced 500 yards. The bike leg was 15 miles. After the race I drove to our high school weight room and lifted weights and did lunges for 45 minutes. I was then able to get a 90 minute nap in before biking 23 miles. Tonight I finished camp by running 3.5 miles on the treadmill...yes it sucked very much. The treadmill was my only option with Payton sleeping and Jen gone scrapbooking with my sister-in-laws. I planned on 5 miles but felt really exhausted and a bit naucious so I stopped at 3.5.
1. 6 mile run including 5k in 17:15 at end of triathlon
2. 15 miles biking 36:06, cool down 4 miles
3. 1,000 yds. swimming with 500 in race
4. Weight Lifting- 2 sets of 10 and lunges
5. Bike- 23 miles
6. Run- 3.5 miles
Total Training Time- 4 hours, 5 minutes

4 Day Camp Totals : Bike- 225 miles, Run- 41.5 miles, Swim- 11,400 yds
Tomorrow is the only day I planned during camp when I won't do all 3 sports. Just a bike and run. Thanks for reading! DREAM BIG!

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