Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 3 "10 Days and 10 Nights"

When I woke up for day 3 of camp I was really sore. I wasn't walking without the soreness yelling at me. I began by swimming 3,300 yards. I then took an hour nap and woke up for a 30 mile bike ride. I finished camp with a 9 mile run followed by speed drills and strides. I am competing in the Crossroads Triathlon tomorrow and it should be interesting because I've never raced on legs this tired.
1. 3,300 yards swimming mostly easy technique work with some fast accelerations mixed in.
2. 30 mile bike ride
3. 9 mile run
4. Speed drills and strides.
Total training time for today was 3 hours and 50 minutes.
3 Day Camp Totals- 183 miles biking, 32 miles running, 10,400 yards swimming

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