Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 24 Summary

For week 24 my focus was on getting my achilles tendon healed up. I think I'm making some very good progress. I can get up on my toes with both feel without any discomfort. When I do it on my left leg I can still feel a little bit of something. It's much better than last week. I'm over the initial frustration of the injury. I've found the toughest days are the ones when it feels better and I try to work out only to have it swell up again. My plan is to not run or bike until the left achilles feels just as strong as the right one. I think I'm getting close. I'm crossing my fingers that by mid-week it will be there and then I will race in Sullivan, IL on Sunday. If it's not totally healed I'm going to skip the race. Although that would be disappointing I am much more focused on getting 100% healthy so I can race at a very high level this summer. I'm sure I've lost a little fitness but I'm excited about a few things as well.

I know my legs will be very fresh when I resume training and it should lead to a very good summer of workouts. I've also been using this time to focus a lot of energy on my swimming. Many triathletes take part of their season to focus almost all their training on their weakness. Although this would have ideally been done earlier as opposed to now I'm still excited about the progress I'm making in the water. This week was the most yards I've swam in a week since 2001. My total yardage was 19,100. I have been focusing a lot of my pool yardage on technique and I am seeing the results. My times are dropping and the number of strokes I'm taking per length is decreasing. I noticed this week I had a few scales growing on me due to the amount of time I'm spending in the water...
One of my biggest fears of being injured was that I would gain back weight I worked hard to lose this year. I had been avoiding the scale since there really isn't a lot I can do about it without running and biking. I weighed in on Thursday and I haven't gained anything over the last 4 weeks so that was exciting. I'm 3o lbs. down from where I was a year ago this time. My plan for this week is the same...get healthy. I know this injury will make me stronger down the road. I believe injuries happen for a reason. I believe they make athletes stronger. I believe the summer will be great. Thanks for reading. DREAM BIG!


Nina Bouxsein said...

Hi Jeff, i'm glad to read that you are making progress on the injury. Hope you are able to race on Sunday!

Jeff Paul said...

After an ultrasound it appears I have some fluid, either a cyst or blood pocket pushing up against the achilles which is causing the pain. I started therapy and continue to have Dr. Kaminski working on it. Much better the last two days. I was able to do a bike workout today without much effect on the achilles. No race on Sunday though...I'm wearing a boot for weight bearing activities.