Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week 19 and 20 Training Summary- Cruise Week

I apologize for not posting last week so I'll combine week's 19 and 20. My entire family took a caribbean cruise to part of Mexico and I did not have internet access while we were gone. The cruise lasted through the end of week 19 and the beginning of week 20. It's hard for me to believe I have already been training for 20 weeks. The time has gone by very quickly and the race season is rapidly approaching. My training time for these two weeks was down considerably with the cruise but that will probably benefit me greatly in the long run. It has me rested up for some big weeks to come. For week 19 my total training time was 14.5 hours. I ran 40 miles, swam 7,300 yards, and biked 70 miles. Early in the week I got some great training in with my summer training partner Stephan Marsh who was home from law school for spring break. We did a tough track workout together at Augustana's indoor track on Wednesday. It was 4 sets of (1200 with a 45 second rest and then a faster 400 before taking 3 minutes rest and repeating the set). My times were pretty good. 3:59, 75, 3:56, 75, 3:56, 74, 3:53, 72. It felt good to get faster as the workout went. That averaged out to 5:15 mile pace for the 1200's and 4:56 mile pace for the 400's. We left for the cruise on Friday flying to Pensacola, FL and then driving to Mobile, AL where the ship left on Saturday afternoon. It was nice spending time with Jen, Payton, and my entire family on the cruise. My parents gave all of us this cruise as a Christmas gift. It had been a long time since we had all taken a vacation together and it was great to spend time with everyone. Payton was up past her bedtime every night and the food on the ship was amazing...probably too amazing for me so I'll be working extra hard the next couple weeks to work that off. While we were gone I only averaged working out about 1 hour each day. I tried to make the most of the workouts getting in some quality in about every run and bike session. I had one good open water swim in the ocean of about 3,000 yards. I did some workouts on the treadmills that they had. Those were tough because of the ship moving. I was doing a tempo run that I planned on being 5 miles of running after a mile warm up. My mile splits were 5:55 and 5:52 but due to the rocking of the ship I almost got thrown off the treadmill on numerous occasions so I decided to go just one more mile and I increased the pace to 5:32. I also was able to get a nice 6 mile run in while we were ported in Cozumel. The temperature was about 85 degrees. In addition to the training I was able to win a small ping-pong tournament on the ship and also had fun taking Payton swimming. She is going to be a better swimmer than I am! Upon returning from the cruise I had some great workouts to finish the week up. On Friday I got my longest bike ride yet this year in. I went with Jared Dammann, a former student of mine and school record holding swimmer from Pleasant Valley who now competes for the Drake University triathlon team. Jared and I rode out to McCausland, IA where we went up a 1.1 mile hill 6 times hard. It was extremely tough with a big wind in our face. Using the Power Tap I was able to get my average watts up the hill at 360. It was taking me about 4 minutes to get up the hill and every second of it was painful. We then rode easy for the remainder of the ride which totalled 54 miles. On Saturday Jared helped me with some technique issues in the pool. I'm greatful for any help I can get swimming and look forward to training more with Jared this summer. Sunday my long run was 95 minutes or about 13.5 miles. It was the 3rd time I've done the long run at this distance and it was very easy. Next week I'll bump up to 100 minutes. Sunday night I did a tempo bike ride of 30 miles and it was very windy. Through 15 miles with the wind at my back I averaged 24.4 mph. Coming back was tough and I only averaged 19.8. For the ride I averaged 21.6 mph but my average watts were 258. I felt good about this effort since it was on my training bike and my legs were a bit tired from the long run this morning. I feel very rested and recovered after the easy week on the cruise and I hope to put in high volume the next two weeks before backing down a week to recover and then moving up again. I can't wait for my first race on April 26th in Sullivan, IL. It will be a tune-up for Memphis. I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. Thanks for reading. DREAM BIG!

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