Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week 14 Summary- The Journey Resumes...

Week 14 was a bit of a chapter turn for me. After 12 weeks of solid training I took 4 days completely off last week before starting a new cycle of training. Early in the week I could tell I had taken some time off as I was sore from the workouts. By Sunday night I was feeling back into the groove of training again. It was a good week. My total training time was right at 19 hours. I hit my goal of 40 miles running. I stepped up the biking this week thanks in part to the nice weather. I was able to get outside on Saturday for a 42 mile ride with Tri-Fit director Steve Meek and my ART provider, Dr. Kaminski. Despite being super windy it was nice to be outside for the ride. I suffered the last 10 miles due to what I think was a lack of calories. I felt very nauciuos and weak the last 2 miles and ate everything I could get my hands on when I finished. The distance shouldn't have affected me like that and the ride wasn't hard so I think it was a lack of food. Earlier in the day I felt really hungry during my swim workout. In the pool this week I focused my attention back to drills much like I did my first weeks of training. Over half my yards were swim drills which got very boring but I feel like it is helping me cut down my number of strokes each length. I lifted weights three times, did core work 6 times, speed drills and strides three times, and lunges and plyometrics twice. My favorite workout this week was a bike interval workout of 5x5 minutes hard with 5 minutes recovery between each. I did it on the trainer on my time trial bike fresh out of Healthy Habits with my aerobars cut down. The fit felt awesome and I'm looking forward to training more this year on my TT bike to get more comfortable on it. Hopefully the added comfort will lead to faster times on race day when I put the Zipp wheelset on it. This week I plan to run a 3,000 meter race at Augustana College on Saturday if I'm feeling fresh. My first big triathlon is Memphis in May on May 17 and it feels like that is rapidly approaching. I have a lot of work to do between now and then but have no doubts I'll be ready for a good opener. DREAM BIG!

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