Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quad City Triathlon Club: Team Tri-Fit

I'm thrilled to be part of the start of a Quad City Triathlon club called Team Tri-Fit. The club will be a USA Triathlon club. The director of this club is Steve Meek. Steve and his family moved to the Quad Cities earlier this year from Reno, Nevada. Steve is a former Category 1 cyclist and is a HUGE advocate for fitness. I first met Steve at the Bettendorf Fitness Center and he asked me if there was a local Triathlon Club. I told him they tried to start one a few years ago but it never really got going. This sport is growing so fast and the area has huge interest in triathlons. The Quad City Triathlon fills up well before the deadline and the Crossroads Triathlon and IowaMan Triathlon are other races in the area that are growing very rapidly. When Steve sent me his initial plans of starting a club I was super excited. He will be an outstanding director. He's very well organized, has great leadership skills, and has coached elite cyclists and been in charge of a club in Bloomington, Indiana. I will do everything I can to be involved in helping the club grow. The lifestyle of a multisport athlete is one that values heath and fitness. Steve and I hope to see membership grow in the Quad Cities. We want to help athletes of all ability levels to reach their personal fitness and race goals. I'm very excited to watch this club grow and to help reach out to the community to promote the healthy lifestyle that comes with this sport. If you're in the area we'd love to have you join Team Tri-Fit. There is a website for Team Tri-Fit where you can find information. Membership sign-up will soon be available online for no additional cost or you can e-mail Steve or myself for Team Tri-Fit application. I dropped off my membership form to Steve at the Fitness Center on Saturday and Im' excited to be part of this new QC Tri Club. DREAM BIG!

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