Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moline Dispatch Picture

Someone gave me this picture today that was published in the Moline Dispatch. Click on it to see full size.


Kim Shannon said...

Hey, Jeff. Why didn't they put that in the Q.C. Times?? Their loss. I'm going to enjoy reading your blog & LOVE the pics, especially of that cute baby & wife of yours. I'm very proud of you, cousin!! Love, Kim

HDS said...

JP - if you have the work ethic and desire of Albert P, your big dreams will become reality. HDS

Jeff Paul said...

As long as Albert Pujols isn't on steroids I can follow his work ethic and desire...I did notice he has gotten pretty big!

HDS said...

JP - This is from a recent article.

"Pujols was less interested in discussing steroids and the hullabaloo surrounding Alex Rodriguez, who was recently admitted to having used performance-enhancing drugs. He initially insisted that he had no comment, feeling stung by the portrayal of some of his past remarks about Barry Bonds.

The slugger also still clearly recalls the erroneous report that he would be one of the players named in the Mitchell Report.

"I always say, [with] people saying things about me and think I'm doing crazy things, whatever is in the dark is going to come in the light," he said. "I'm a big believer of that. It's in the Bible. I can fool all you guys but if I'm hiding something it's going to come to the light. That's it. God will show that. I told you guys already, I fear God too much for me to do any stupid things in this game. Not all the people think like that, and that's what's so sad."