Monday, February 16, 2009

Augustana 3K Race Report; Week 15 Summary

My week of training was a little less than it has been partly due to racing at Augustana on Saturday. I didn't want to work out a lot of Friday, then Saturday was race day, and Sunday I was sore and only made things worse by going skiing for Valentine's Day. For the totals this week I trained 15.75 hours. I hit 50 running miles, 70 biking, 9,000 yards swimming, lifted twice, did plyometrics and lunges once, speed drills and strides three times, and core work 5 times.

On Saturday I headed to Augustana to race 3,000 meters in a meet that Augie was hosting against St. Ambrose. There were about 15 guys in the race. I was hoping to be able to run 9:25 which would be equivalent to about 10:03 for 2 miles. I wanted to hit each 800 in 2:30. When the race started I was careful not to get sucked out too fast by some of Augustana's runners. I came through the first 800 right on pace at 2:29. The next 800 I stayed right on the heals of a guy I thought was going 5:00 mile pace and we came through the mile in 5:00. My second 800 split was a 2:30. I knew the tough part was going to be the next 800. The 3rd 1/4 of any race is always the tough part. I passed the runner I had drafted behind for the 2nd 800 because I could feel the pace slowing. I tried to maintain the 5:00 pace but came through the next 800 with a 2:36 split. Ouch! I had let it slow 6 seconds. I now had 3 laps to go. My next lap was my slowest of the race and then I was able to drop the pace back down for the final 400 meters to 5:00 pace. I passed a couple guys on the end and finished in 5th pace with a time of 9:31. That converts to about 10:10 for 2 miles. I was initially a little disappointed because I thought I could run a bit faster but the race was much tougher than I expected. I also know that racing more consistently would help me drop my times but I don't want to load up on a bunch of races right now. It had been 5 weeks since I raced on the track. Next weekend I'll be doing a 4 mile road race in Davenport called the Chili Chase but I'll be using it as a workout so I won't have to miss any training sessions to prepare for it. My favorite workout this week was my long run on Sunday with Dave Terronez. Dave has been instrumental in helping me get my Sunday long runs in. I am very thankful to have someone to meet each week and a set time to get it done. The conversations we have make the time go by much quicker as well. Thanks Dave! On a side not, race directer for the Quad City Triathlon has agreed to a $10.00 race discount for all Tri-Fit members so I'd encourage any who hasn't to sign up for Team Tri-Fit. We're excited about having a Tri Club in the Quad Cities. This week will be a much bigger training week with no races to back down for. DREAM BIG!


Devin Allbaugh said...

Coach Paul! Sounds like you are doing really well, you are looking the most fit I've ever seen you. My dad said you wanted to run over break but unfortunately I was having trouble with some injuries. Things seems to be getting back on track though and have had a good 6 weeks of training. Hopefully the offer still stands and I can kick your ass on a long run this summer or maybe sooner if I ever get to come home. I miss ya and can't wait to catch up!

Devin Allbaugh said...

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the win! I am proud of you and your training! I am working myself into shape also. I worked about about 3 hours this week. 1 1/2 mile swim, 1 mile run, and 45 minutes of spin class. I am going to compete in the Newton YMCA Triathlon on May 2nd. Take care little brother.